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26th State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics

Jung Hotel,
New Orleans, LA

March 28-31, 2019

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Increase Conversion Rate with Price Transparency

Guest Article by Symposium presenter Jonathan Kaplan, MD

Patient engagement, lead generation, price transparency and sales funnels – these are all popular buzzwords and concepts in healthcare these days, especially in the cash pay space of facial and body cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine.

The more consumers you get into your sales funnel, the more potential patients you can engage and nurture through that sales funnel. With quick follow up and education over the phone, many of these potential patients will eventually become actual patients.

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, has built a database of more than 8,200 REAL patients in 5 years using this concept. With a high conversion rate to surgical patients, Dr. Kaplan has done it all with a Price Estimator on his website. Learn how you can do the same during the upcoming FFAS webinar with Dr. Kaplan on August 15th at 2pm EST.


26th State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics

At the Jung Hotel in New Orleans

March 28-31, 2019

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