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26th State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics

Jung Hotel,
New Orleans, LA

March 28-31, 2019

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Staff Training, Business Procedures & Marketing

Most conferences do a good job of teaching tactics but not in delivering a plan to implement those tactics. Without good business decisions physicians won’t have a practice to do those procedures. Track 3 Staff Training, Business Procedures & Marketing focuses on the essential pillars of running the front-end of a practice. It includes what new practices and established practices need to know and do to have good cash flow, happy staff and patients, and a full patient schedule. During breakfast Saturday morning in the exhibit hall all staff and the decision maker (physician most times) will gather together to outline a strategic business and marketing plan. If they do this exercise, they will return home with a plan in hand.

The following is a proposed list of topics which are subject to alteration:

  • Patient Care Coordinator Workshop, Karen Zupko
  • Building Your Non-Surgical Practice AKA, Karen Zupko
  • Why Your Conversion Report Is Wrong, Karen Zupko
  • Miami’s Guide to Practicing Cosmetic Medicine in the Age of Social Media
  • Creating Patients for Life: Applying the Ritz Carlton Service Standards to your Practice
  • Patient Engagement Through Price Transparency
  • YouTube Q&A With the Surgeon
  • Decide Who Your “Preferred” Patient is
  • Economic Hurdles Facing the Aesthetic Industry & How They Can Be Eliminated
  • Measuring ROI from Marketing
  • Lead Management Best Practices
  • Cause Marketing: Why Making a Difference In Your Community Matters
  • Establishing a Charitable Foundation as an Extension of Your Practice
  • Content Marketing: How to Tell Your Story and Stand Out
  • Local Search Optimization: How to Improve Your Visibility on Google Maps
  • How To Grow Your Site’s Authority: The Secret to Increasing Your Website’s Visibility
  • And … Action! Videos for Every Phase of the Buyer’s Journey
  • Event Marketing: Bringing Your Brand to Life
  • Case Closed: My Top 10 Pearls for Closing the Consult
  • Where to Go and Who to Know: Growing Your Practice through Community Interaction
  • Is an EMR for me? What to look for when purchasing an EMR
  • Hanging up your shingle: Tips for opening a successful practice
  • 2019 Now What, Everyone’s Got A Website and A Digital Strategy
  • A Look Back in Time In Aesthetic Medicine for a Really Clear View Of What’s Ahead
  • Your Staff is In Total Control Of Your Revenue
  • Why Most Marketing Doesn’t Work
  • How to Incorporate an Ambulatory Surgical Center to Your Practice
  • Medical malpractice: How to Avoid Getting Sued & What to do if You Get Sued
  • Practice Administrators Roles and Responsibilities:  How to do it all and do it well
  • How to Manage the Angry Patient
  • How to Choose the Right Vendors & Capital Equipment for Your Practice.
  • HIPAA:  Do’s and Don’ts in the Aesthetic Practice
  • How to Uncover Missed Opportunities with Google Analytics
  • 5 Important Ways to Boost Your SEO Results Through User Experience
  • 10 Ways to Convert More Business Throughout the Buying Cycle
  • Front office best practices
  • Clinical & storytelling B & A photos
  • Essentials of branding
  • Hot topics panel discussion
  • Create the 5-star experience
  • How to set up a video and photo booth
  • The ultimate internet brand: social, namespace, reviews and website



26th State-of-the-Art in Facial Aesthetics

At the Jung Hotel in New Orleans

March 28-31, 2019

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