Facial Tuck-Up

Even though the muscles, tissues, and skin are repositioned as much as possible during the initial facelift, surgery does not stop the aging process and some tissue relaxation continues over time.

A “tuck-up” may be recommended when significant new sagging appears in the facial and neck tissues. The same incisions are usually used as with the facelift. The “tuck up” usually requires less surgery than the initial procedure, thus the cost is usually less. The improvement that can be obtained by a “tuck-up” can be longer lasting because of the initial slack that was removed and the foundation was developed through our original facelift.

Ideally, a person would have a facelift and follow-up with a tuck-up when noticeable, new sagging develops.

It is possible to keep turning back the hands of time with a maintenance program in which the patient could conceivably maintain a more youthful appearance even though chronologically much older.

The face lift tuck up operation does not correct baggy eyelids or upper cheek, high cheek bags, a weak chin, nasal tip droop, droopy eyebrows or the wrinkles around the eyes and/or mouth or other areas of the face as a result of smoking, sun damage, or aging.

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